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While the most popular mobile phone browser still currently is Opera, UC Browser is growing its users & fans very quickly, i remember myself being a Operamini/mobile fan a few years back, but that has changed, UC Browser (which used to be called UCWEB back then) has & continues to give me the best mobile phone browsing experience.

I recommend you guys to try it out if you haven't already, its super-fast, elegant, & full-featured.

If you're having any problems or issues with it, ask me. And do leave your reviews & comments on it.

Can you let me know which platforms it is available for ?

I would like to give it a try on Android, if it is available.

^ Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone (android version is recently started, so currently lesser phones are supported, and they plan to introduce a blackberry version soon too.)

I use the Symbian s60v5 version on my Nokia 5530 Touch-screen smartphone, and whoa, the experience is awesome.

Try looking for your phone in the download page, it might just be available for you.

Bolt is the best one i guess for java/Symbian

Got it from Android Market

Thanks - Let me see how good and different it is from stock Android browser.

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Bolt is the best one i guess for java/Symbian

Nah, not for symbian, both UC Browser & Opera Mobile are better than Bolt in symbian… Bolt is only good for java if at all.

is it also available for galaxy tab?

^ Yes, http://wap.uc.cn/m12704/p/

You know, instead of asking me, you can click on the big picture & goto their downloads section & look for your required version, it is most likely that you'll find a version for your device...

It may appeal to symbian guys but not Androidians.

No pinch to zoom, which is very useful feature.

Changes the appearance of a website.

^ Well... i haven't used a Android phone yet, so i can't comment on that... Maybe I'll buy a android phone next time just to experience that.

Installed on Galaxy tab its better than default Browser. thanks

^ Galaxy Tab is Android, so it seems Ijaz Ahmed's point does not stand for all Android users. :D

BTW armada, in comparison, which do you find better, Opera Mobile or UC Browser?

I found UC better than Opera in Galaxy Tab it support easy & working proxy setup

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I found UC better than Opera in Galaxy Tab it support easy & working proxy setup

Are you able to use Pinch-to-Zoom using this browser ?

yeah it is best browser:)

By the way I used it on Nokia N8 (Symbian^3). And it didn't appeal me either.

Opera Mobile and Opera Mini 6 are way ahead of it.

It renders web pages badly as well.


I believe you didn't have used pinch to zoom on your Symbian phone because it wasn't there in earlier Symbian series. Both Native and Opera browser have pinch-to-zoom features.

But even forgetting Pinch-to-Zoom feature, I felt a lot difference in it.

I didn't use any S60v5 device ever. But in Symbian^3 it's no where near even the Native Browser. There is a big difference in rendering when viewing pages in desktop mode.

Seriously I would prefer to use the Native Symbian^3 Browser which is lesser than Opera's ones.


Following is the technical experience today I had with UC Browser


It was the first time when I just downloaded and installed UC Browser. And whatever you say it an unfortunate or any thing else that I tried it with the facebook first time. I was actually testing some thing with facebook touch interface today on different platforms and devices so I installed UC browser as well because I read about it here on WP. Anyways upon login via UC Browser, facebook prompted me that my account has been locked for a suspicious access from another location and advised to visit the facebook on a computer to fix it.

I didn't think that it was due to the UC Browser. In fact I got upset that how the hell has that happened. So forgetting everything what I was doing, I headed over to my laptop and logged in to facebook. There was a good instruction wizard with all the information about the suspicious access and its location. Wondering thing was to know about a location in US and a Firefox/WinXP used to login to my account.

So continuing on laptop, I did something else and leaving the facebook account logged in on laptop, I turned back to my device and tried to start the same testing what I was doing before. So I started right from UC Browser again without knowing that it was actually the reason my account locked for. I again tried to login via UC Browser with my new password which I just had changed on laptop, I again was prompted with the same account-locked message which alerted me that it's the UC Browser creating that trouble.

I followed the same steps again on laptop and just to make even better sure I tried first on Opera Mini which let me in and then on UC Browser for which once again facebook locked my account. I believe then it was the UC Browser

There is surely some thing with UC Browser's proxies which facebook didn't like.

Any ways the version was 7.6 downloaded from OVI Store.

The 7.7 later version downloaded from ucweb.com worked fine with facebook login issue. Just thought to tell about this issue..

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Are you able to use Pinch-to-Zoom using this browser ?


Yes and it also has push & resume capability in downloads One of the best Browser


Ever considering Blogging the above post

@deffury; Thanks :)

I did have a plan to post that on my blog,. I had done with the screenshots right on that day above. But also do have time constraints with office and other stuff.. As well some other blog posts are pending in drafts....

I am not a dedicated blogger any way. I do visit WP regularly but can't post only due to tough time now a days and a few reasons on WP itself. But still try my best to get involved.

Thanks for the suggestion any way :)

Well, I've indeed not used pinch to zoom feature yet, but i know what it is, and it doesn't seem very important to me.

I've recently done a side by side usage comparison on my 5530 with a friend's 5530, and here's my conclusion on both browser's pros over the other.


More compatible (doesn't changes the look of most sites)

Doesn't require Refreshing the page after changing from vertical to horizontal or vice versa.


Faster, better browsing (page rendering, processing)

Faster responding

Less laggy

More compatible with plugins

Better UI (more user-friendly, cooler interface)

Better Navigation (Finger/Thumb Gestures)

Night Mode (Nice on eyes at dark places)

Better Downloads Manager (Better Acceleration, arrangement)