Ubuntu not recognizing usb modem

I've worldcall wireless phone which i use as a modem to connect the internet and ubuntu isn't recognizing it. i searched the internet for drivers for linux but there aren't any drivers made for Lg Lsp 3500 (model name) for linux. This is a big problem. The good thing was i installed ubuntu on my laptop instead of my main computer. Without internet there is no way way i am gonna keep the ubuntu.

any solutions.?

Ditch Linux! Welcome again to Windows! :)

Wow Asad what a solution but i am also thinking about to change back to windows.

there was a solution that was present for Vptcl

u can try and see if it works

let me find teh link for u

found the link here u go http://sbjaved.blogspot.com/2007/04/getting-internal-modems-winmodems-to.html

even found one for ur phone http://sindhweb.com/wordpress/?p=4

well thanx ruhaan since its a lengthy process and i need to have both my computers running at the same time. i am gonna wait for load shedding and then wait for power and then i am gonna start working on it.