Ubuntu [Linux] and Softwares [Windows]

I have just installed Ubuntu, for a test run, now i wonder what softwares will be available for this platform as compare to Windows.

For instance, what i have come to know at this point in time;

Microsoft Office AS Open Office [support MS files also]

Internet Explorer AS Firefox

Skype AS Skype

Internet Download Manager [iDM] AS ???

Therefore i need a list of known softwares available, just like given above.

Thanks in Advance

Check this Thread

^Good link.

you've nearly figured out the basic softwares for yourself.

If you want adobe photoshop you can use GIMP. A combination of many bulky windows softwares into a small nice space efficient software.

If messenger is your requirement ,doesn't matter which one, then you can use pidgin(i can't remember the new name or alternate).

There is chrome on linux.

Outlook > thunderbird.

For further help goto Ubuntu forums, it has been a great help for all the linux noobs like me, very helping community it is indeed.

There are many softwares available. Just google them.

Aha.....i forgot Vlc player.

Try WiredLinux, it comes pre-installed with most stuff. :D

Well this is really nice info.I want to tell you that there is a linux supported software which name is Winehq which give option to run your windows software on Linux operating system.This software dose not support all windows software but it will support 80% software.This software si underdevelopment but you can install this software in linux and try to use Windows software in Linux....


you can use DownloadThemALL plugin for firefox. but as a 'Internet Download Manager' alternative use JDownload manager or Fat Rat.As you are a new user try Linux Mint or Pinguy OS. they are Ubuntu respin and they have better out of the box experience and support than ubuntu.

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Outlook > thunderbird.

Outlook :: Evolution. Thunderbird is not right Outlook Alternative, because it missing Exchange Server support, built in Calender, Address book integration etc