UBL Prepaid Visa Card

i had to order my certificate from Microsoft, in order to pay amount i get ubl visa prepaid from ubl, but lot of times i activated my session. every time i entered all all the information but still there was an error, invalid information. i contacted customer care center they said everything is working please check card number, etc.

my suggestion to all users is that ubl customer care is very poor. dont even think to use it online.

Shame on ubl for advertising that u can use it online.

1- Does Microsoft checkout ask for CVV code?

UBL prepaid cards will NOT work unless the merchant asks for CVV (added security). However, UBL's (actual) credit cards (postpaid) will.

2- You can ask the CSR to give you an "EXACT reason" of why your transaction failed. They get everything in their logs.

Just tell him "I want to know the EXACT reasons, appearing in your logs".

* Card Verification Number CCVN

* required information

yes Microsoft require CCVN, everytime i get this error

The payment details you entered are not valid.

i talked to CSR 5 times, every person told me a new story, one said ur not entering correct cvv, other said link is down, one lady suggested me to use this card on some other site,,,lol

i have not seen any serious and person who have knowledge about their products so far.

every csr tells a new story

later on checked on prometric to register a new exam. this site also rejected the card. so for me its bullshit. and my suggestion to all users dont even think to get this card to use online.

The only explanation I can think of is that their link is down. If you have activated the session, have balance in your account, entering correct details and entering CVV too then it should be their link.

If it is urgent for you to do transaction in upcoming hours then I would suggest, to get hold to one CSR, ask him

1- Status of their link

2- Explain your transactions on 2/3/4/x sites got rejected.. and tell me what exactly is being logged. (Believe me they log every thing, even failed ones)

3- Tell them this is your 6th call; either help me, tell me the exact/accurate thing or put me on to your senior! (Do try to remember his/her name)

Last time I had the problem, it was the CVV code and I was given the exact reason why my transaction was being declined.

PS: I am not sure tough, you can check their "link status" by using Phone Banking service, if all your account information is being conveyed there, the status is fine.

ok... today i will call them again,,,i know they log every thing, i mailed to support.ebanking@ubl.com.pk as well, but no response from them, 2nd thing they mention on website that they are offering teen/internet card, i traveled to lahore just for this card. but after reaching manager told me that CSR are simply CHAWAL people who dont know anything. this card is not updated in our database. i have simply wasted 100rs per session everytime.

i had to pay only 15$ and already have wasted half of the amount in session activation charges.

Card not updated.. that's strange.. Can you access your Wiz account in phone banking?

You can activate a session for 24hours maximum, why dont you do that to avoid activating again and again

.. and by the way, the Wiz Teen Internet doesn't require session activation.. (https://www.ubl.com.pk/retail/ubl_wiz/wizteen.asp) [it's separate from Wiz Teen Visa]

very sad story,as i am also using ubl account as a secondary account,yes i am agree that there CRS is very bad,but once i complained on there site complaint section for not activating my net banking account a year ago they activated it yet within 24 hours,amazing.......................

now i am also planing to get visa teen card as it have not any session charges...........but i am reading your comments and changing my mind!!!!!, any alternative of it? i mean any other card without session charges?

one other thing please post a complaint of ubl about there services of ubl teen,ubl wiz for not providing services that they claim on there web page,i.e use your card for online transaction etc... to state bank through there site,i am sure they will f*** them

UBL credit cards do not need activation. Plus, UBL credit cards work without CVV as well. However, I don't like the idea of making a card pre-activated 24/7.

Bank Al-falah Credit Cards can be another option. There were no activation charges blah blah at least a year back, don't know about now.

Problem being, I being a student can not get credit cards. All what banks issue are the "debit cards" (even UBL Wiz is a debit card, not a credit card).

As for the linking problem, it's always better to have cards from different banks, so if one fails you can use another.

As for cactus' problem, it seems there is something wrong at the back-end, maybe his/her card isn't registered into VISA or something... (If he/she deposited money in the account, activated/deactivated card, and UBL is charging.. then all I can think of is either their VISA link is down OR his card info is not into VISA).

i always activate my session for 24hrs. but everytime i was not able to make transcation. CSR told me tht were doing transaction on Microsoft website. you tried to make transaction of 15$. that was true. last day when i activated my session for 24hrs i made 19 attempts in 24hrs. but no success. at last they said ok im logging a complaint for u. and im dam sure they will never respond.

as far as teen internet card. its not available in lahore. i traveled from BWP to lahore as CRS told me that its available in lahore, but when i reach iqbal town branch they told me that lot of customers are coming for teen/internet card but there is some system problem and we are unable to issue that card.

now im planning to use my friends credit card to pay the money, as i already wasted 8$ (half of the amout) in session activation charges. so no more plan to waste money on this f*** card

That's surely very sad then. They shouldn't have issued you the card and/or activated your sessions, if, they knew there was a problem. But, bank consumer staff runs after commission on issuing each card and the bank as a whole extracts money.

If you decide to cancel the card, do cancel it with proper documentation (otherwise they might re-issue - without your consent - and make profit out of it again). I hope you can extract the money from ATM.

If you can get a credit card (salaried person with guts to handle bank stuff) - not the debit or prepaid cards - do get them (safe line is from two banks).

By the way, can you confirm if it's a "UBL Teen Wiz Card"?

PS: I did some transactions about a week ago using someone's UBL cards (I hate to get into hassle of banks myself, and, again they don't issue to students). Problem on UBL Wiz Prepaid was of CVV code (it only works when merchants ask for CVV). However, UBL Credit Card worked. Other than that, things have been fine.

i have UBL travelers visa card. after confirming from CSR i traveled twice to lahore and spent 4k on rent etc each trip just for teen/internet card but i was unable to get it.

i have a private job. hbl offers credit card to those who have account in their bank. my account is in bank al habib. which dont offer credit card in our city. is there any solution for getting credit card from some other bank?

I live in Karachi so absolutely no idea. Why don't you call the helplines of different banks and ask if they provide in BWP?. You can get a fair amount of idea on their websites as well. Some of them offer online forms as well.

However, I would prefer to go to the branch itself and inquire. Things like hidden terms, upfront costs, transaction limits, Internet banking, especially "payment procedures" become clear only when you inquire manager, etc in the office. Even in Karachi, some branches don't support CC payments and/or have drop boxes so you have to move to another branch, etc.

In general, banks are a pain the a**, so it's better to have one nearby where you can vent your anger upon if something goes wrong (like your nearest is in LHR). Try to get from any bank which is nearEST.

Since you have a job, with a salary slip, you should get a credit card. However, BE WARNED - credit card (al tough they bring in more PREMIUM services than a debit card) is a postpaid thing.. any misuse on it can be even more dangerous than a prepaid one.. (at least in UBL.. you cant have sessions on their credit card, anyone having you card and CVV can misuse it). You get higher rates when you miss payment by even 1 hour, etc, etc, etc (it's a more good recipe of bank profit). If you can live without it, try to avoid it.

PS: Do Google as well! I remember only Bank Alfalah, Standard Chartered (from this forum)..

By the way, I am curious.. Did you email the form for Internet activation to UBL? This one: https://www.ubl.com.pk/retail/ubl_wiz/apply_now/Internet%20Activation%20Form.pdf

PS: Do I hate these banks, they force an agreement that if anything goes wrong.. bank is not liable :@

yes offcourse. they told me time of all failed transactions. CSR was saying that everything is ok...only link is down. i already filled this form and submitted it. what i think that Microsoft and Prometric dont support UBL or UBL itself is bull****

anyone is using this card online? please share your experiences

Not only UBL but almost all banks sucks with VISA DEBIT CARD ... i had experience with almost all banks ..

any card which is comparatively better than ubl visa debt to use online?

anyone can reply???

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any card which is comparatively better than ubl visa debt to use online?

Standard chartered visa debit card.