UBL International Transaction

Hi guys I just need some information about UBL
I tried to purchase flight ticket online but the payment was rejected & refunded by the website but still I didn’t receive the amount as its more then 10 days later, is there anyone who can suggests about this issue ?

Payment is rejected usually when you use a VPN or you have not activated your card session for online transaction by calling customer care center. If the payment is rejected then your card is not even charged so there is no need for a refund.

My card is charged the session was activated and payment is refund by SalamAir I want to know that how many days it will take to refund I am the resident of Qatar normally there banks take 24 to 48 business hours but I don’t know about Pak as its 10 days later but still no refund from UBL

Launch a complaint on this email : Customer.Services@ubl.com.pk
Open a dispute by filling this form and send it to the email address above. Fill and scan a copy of form or edit this in paint.

That is already done man what I am asking if you don’t know then don’t replay here.
I am asking about how many days the refund payment take in Pakistan UBL

Have you tried calling their UAN/helpline?

Yes I called them many time but they don’t know about refund they said it will take time but don’t know how many days

It doesn’t take that much time. Anyways you can also confirm from the Merchant’s account office if they have refunded the funds or not. Moreover you can always file complain with Banking Mohtasib at http://www.bankingmohtasib.gov.pk/complaints.php . This might get things expedite.

Thank you