UBL International payments

Is it possible to send payments from UK to Lahore particularly to a recipient having UBL current savings account? any idea how much extra charges the sender has to pay?

You can either Wire Transfer the money or use UBL's own remittance service in UK (usually a bit cheaper than a wire transfer).




i m sure i can send money to a UBL account, all i need to know they are going to charge the recipient something to have an international currency's withdrawal?

Check their schedule of charges. If you send a wire transfer, TT clearance is usually like ~500rs + a bit will be lost in exchange rate differences. Their official remittance service, that I linked earlier, will be cheaper though.

i transfered $130 from germany and got around $110 in my ubl business account

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i transfered $130 from germany and got around $110 in my ubl business account

You lost $20 as a sender, right? not as a recipient. I assume recipient isn’t gonna suffer or going to lose money in foreign transactions.

There's a fee of about $15 that most Pakistani banks charge for receiving international bank wires. Plus, some will also be lost in currency exchange. If you wire money from UK in Pounds, your recipient in Pakistan will receive in Rupees if you are not sending them to their foreign currency account. I'm not sure but I think fees is only charged to the receiver.


Call the UBL call center or visit them or search UBL's website

UBL Contact Center: 111-825-888 (UAN)

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I want to buy a domain for my blog and I will make the payment through UBL WIZ (Visa) Card. I just want to know, what are the charges for international transaction via debit/credit card, and how much tax is deducted?

Thanks In Advance.


There are no transaction charges or tax on UBL wiz card online usage. they might charge you for session activation