Hello, I think I have typhoid.

Went to the doctor today, and he was sure it was typhoid. My question is how i got typhoid?

Mostly I dont eat outside food, but I was thinking its the water but people r saying its not.

i gave test at aga khan and result will come out so we will see...but doctor was sure...

I am facing fever after every 3 hour, and chills on my body......pain in my stomach..headache and weakness

dont feel like eating also....

also i have paper on saturday so should i take it or leave it...

Take your medicine regularly and you will be better by saturday. IA

Get well soon

Why not share the results when you get it....

till then go here


Which tests did you get done?

If you have blood and stool cultures done they would take approx 4-7 days

But a "Complete Blood count" (CBC) Results are out within 24 hours

Aga khan offers online report Viewing within 24 hours check on your receipt for user ID and Password

and just for your info if you are in Karachi you can even go to South City Hospital in Clifton near B.B.Q Tonight they provide CBC and other basic test results within 30 minutes

Typhoid is caused by Feces, Flies, Fingers, Food. A previous carrier of typhoid sheds it in his/her feces and this is spread by not properly washed fingers or flies, mixed with food.

Start treatment as soon as possible