TX RX for RC Toy CAR

I don't have any experience with FM transmitters/receivers. I wan't to make a radio(from the word radio I mean radio signals) transmitter, and receiver through which I can control a toy car.

The ways which I know are

1. Using TWS 434 and RWS 434, and using the suggested encoders/decoders mentioned in the datasheet.

2. Using a FM transmitter and receiver and using DTMF encoder and DTMF decoder.

In way (1) the circuit is quite simple and can be easily implemented with the ICs, in way (2) I can make transmitter and receiver with transistors, but there must be some other way, other than using DTMF encoder and DTMF decoder

can someone suggest how to make a simple TX RX based on radio signals for controlling a toy car (that will basically require 3 bits -> 8 different outputs....Forward,Fast Forward , Forward Left, Forward Right, Backwards, Backwards Left, Backwards Right, Stop)

For short range, you can use IR but communication is not really that reliable and it will only work indoors.

I have quite much experience with IRs, and I know how I can use them, but actually I wanted to make something like what we have in toy cars, they operate on 27 or 43MHZ