Two weeks+..PTA not answering the phone

I am tried calling PTA for a few days a few weeks back..And since yesterday(for different reasons) I have been trying to call PTA.. Their 0800 number is not working,and they have not answered my email I sent a few weeks back.. I sent another one yesterday though.

Who'll guard the guardians?

PTA is on vacations yaar... ;)

Let me know why u calling them? I may help you out...

And yes, if you are intending to complain about something, then better quit here... It wont make any difference.

Bravo PTA! I got call this morning from PTA.. Actually I got 7 missed call on my cell phone(was in the other room)..And my landphone was ringing non stop.. I called back and I could't guess where the call is from. I dialed 0 to connect to operator,and the lady told me they are from MNP department of PTA. And she also asked about the details of my complaint and told me they have asked Ufone to solve the problem within one day and that they have escalated my complain. It was around 10 am when I received the call..

I checked my number once or twice around 12 pm,no incoming calls. At around 4 pm I checked and the bingo..It was working..

After an hour I got the call from PTA asking if the problem has been resolved..I asked her what the real problem was and she said its technical issue and I would not face the same problem again.. WOW!!! I am impressed..Score PTA!

If you want to know what my problem was..Check this out: