Two PTCL Connections Two PTCL Modems How to use them at Once

i got 2 ptcl land lines in my house i got 4mb dsl connection on each of them. is there any way to combine them to get double speed or similar to like that.

(p.s don't ask me why i need to have 2 dsl connection in the same house and why i want to attach them both)

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Yes it possible with a Dual Wan setup. If you understand the code then here it is, ,, ,,, and

really thanks for your effort & time yousaf465, but am a ordinary user i dont understand any of above :(

what i was thinking that there must be a simple way to do it but its very complicated & its for pro guys i think. :P

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i also have 2 connections.

1. Ptcl dsl

2. Worldcall wireless

Is there any way i want to use them both at the same time.

Well if you have a a Broadcom router 8 or more MB flash, you can easily setup the dual wan. Although it looks complicated at first but it really simple. You just have to follow the instructions, give in those links.

The simplest way is to buy a ready made dual/multi WAN won't need to do any flashing etc. but it may be expensive and a little hard to find.

dude i experimented the dual wan procedure . a lot of u are thinking that they will get 8 Mbps its not possible coz there are delay timings in router plus two diffrent wans to one is down u will shifted to other . and there is quota rule like how much sharing ration u can get from it 1 connection 100% and other 50 % or different criteria . but when u face troubleshooting always on ptcl links so its harder manually unplug the router plug the dsl direct cable . so my advice is to u upgrade package or use two pcs for ur internet addiction .