Twin suicide blasts at Islamic University!

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ISLAMABAD: Twin suicide blasts tore through a university campus in Pakistan’s capital Tuesday killing flour people and injuring 29 others, as the military pursued a major anti-Taliban offensive in the lawless northwest.

The bombing of Islamabad’s International Islamic University was the seventh major militant attack in just over a fortnight and the first since the military launched what officials vowed would be a knockout blow against the Taliban.

At around 3:00 pm (0900 GMT), two explosions seconds apart rocked a male teaching faculty and women’s cafeteria of what is one of the largest Islamic universities in the world, attracting Muslim students from home and abroad.

“We are in a state of war. They will make every effort to destabilise the country. These so-called Islamists are enemies of Islam and enemies of Pakistan,” Interior Minister Rehman Malik said at Islamabad’s main hospital.

The US embassy in Pakistan said the “vicious attack on a respected Islamic educational institution reveals yet again the cruel and inhuman nature of the terrorists operating against Pakistan and its people”.

Broken glass and pieces of charred flesh littered the faculty building’s first floor, where blood dripped down the stairwell and students stepped through the debris, choking under thick smoke, a French news agency reporter said.

“Seven people including two suicide bombers are dead, and 29 injured in the two attacks. Among the dead is one female,” senior city administration official Rana Akbar Hayat said at the scene of the attack.

Doctor Minjahul Siraj, at Islamabad’s main hospital, confirmed there were five dead bodies in the morgue, with 22 people wounded including 16 women.

The first blast ripped through the faculty of Islamic jurisprudence used by male students and the second hit the women’s cafeteria, law student Qudrat Ullah said at the scene.

“There is panic. Students are rushing to donate blood. There are a lot of police arrived inside the building,” he said.

“Casualties were taken away first in private vehicles. Then ambulances arrived. I saw several people wounded.”

Although there was no immediate claim of responsibility, Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked extremists have carried out a two-year campaign of suicide bombings and commando raids that have killed 2,280 people.

“Whether they claim or don’t claim, all roads lead to South Waziristan,” the interior minister said, referring to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda stronghold on the Afghan border where the military launched its offensive at the weekend.

A barrage of attacks since October 5 has left more than 170 people dead, underlining the scale of the insurgency that authorities are trying to halt.

Officials said at least 98 militants and 13 soldiers had been killed since the fighting erupted Saturday in the semi-autonomous tribal region, and more than 120,000 civilians have now fled to areas outside the war zone.

Troops backed by artillery, attack helicopters and fighter jets Tuesday pounded Taliban bastions around Kotkai, the home town of Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud, the military said.



WTF do Talibans think they’re doing? When they have nothing else to do, they’ll kill students? Is there no one to stop them? Is this gonna continue?

And anyone from islamabad can give more details about this??? Asad?

P.S. Please keep this thread as less political & religious as possible.

My school (BSS Multan) was gonna open tomorrow, but it got closed for the whole week now coz of this. Anyhow, it isn't right. They take lives of innocent children, how could they be right? Hopefully our Army is gonna kick their ass.

^ Schools are closed for the whole week here in karachi aswell.

I really hope the army do something about this, this is no small deal.

Personally, I don't approve of threads like these. They prove nothing and make nothing better but just create more anger. If anything any other Pakistani would say what about us why is our tragedies not discussed here.

We get enough of comments from the media and news websites anyways. If anyone wants to discuss such issues then go to the appropriate places.

I urged the mods to close this thread as it will most likely, become vugly.

As for the victims, I pray for their well being, and others too.

Peshawar, Lahore and now Islamabad. I wonder if Karachi is next on the list.

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I urged the mods to close this thread as it will most likely, become vugly

another word added to my urban vocabulary :D

Wasn't the word fugly instead of vugly?

vugly= very ugly (Pretty old term)

fugly = f#$king ugly (80ies term)

The Taliban have gone one step too far............

1. They have denounced Islam officially by attacking an Islamic institution.... can they now be called Muslims?

2. They have threatened places where children study.... Seriously, if they even think of attacking a school, the 'awam' will not need the army or the government to take action. Just as with '65 and '71, we will stand up, take direct bullets but will CRUSH the Taliban with bare hands and with all 17 crore people if we have to!!!!!

I passed on the road adjacent to the university some time after the incident without knowing the incident had occurred. There was heavy traffic on the roads and people were trying to get to higher vantage points to get direct LoS of the university. Female students were visibly disturbed and standing on the road talking loudly in a panicked fashion. Ambulances and police patrol cars flashed by in the direction of the university. It was all very suspicious.

It was only after I reached my destination and saw the news on TV that I came to know about the incident. It is a sad incident in which innocent lives were lost.

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My school (BSS Multan) was gonna open tomorrow, but it got closed for the whole week now coz of this. Anyhow, it isn’t right. They take lives of innocent children, how could they be right? Hopefully our Army is gonna kick their ass.

Yea, my school, was gonna open tommorow too but it’s gonna open on Monday

Due to the incident

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ISLAMABAD: A double suicide bombing at Islamabad’s International Islamic University on Tuesday killed up to seven people, including the two bombers, an administration official said.

‘Seven people, including two suicide bombers are dead, and 29 injured in the two attacks. Among the dead is one female,’ a senior administration official, Rana Akbar Hayat told AFP at the scene of the attack.

Police investigators confirmed that both were suicide attacks.

Speaking at the capital’s main hospital, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said there were six dead — two suicide bombers, two men and two women.

The police arrested a suspect from the site of the blast.

The university is located in Islamabad’s sector H-11.

Eyewitnesses told DawnNews that there were between three to four thousand students present at the time of the blasts and that one bomb exploded inside a classroom.

The blasts occurred within a span of one minute at two campuses of the university.

Earlier in the day two bombs were defused at a girls’ school in Peshawar.



Two F*cking bombs at a school! WTF is going on!

We heard the blasts in FAST NU, first one wasn't that loud and very few people noticed, the second one got many people out of the building discussing what just happened

and in few minutes we heard ambulances moving towards IIUI

One good point under discussion was that the ambulance service was quick

It's really very sad about that disturbing incident. I wish the real responsible should be punished publically. this really is very disturbing for all of us.

I don't want to comment on "who is responsible". rather I do not want to participate in such discussions where we blame without the authentication. even the news about them have gone a headache for me.

but just want to say a couple of words. See, I am not in favor of any one. this is just what I think.

I prefer to use the word "Terrorists" but not the "Talibans". I really hate this fact that has become a nature now a days perhaps where you need to call them "Terrorists", you call them "Talibans" instead.

blaming any one..... any... any... one. will not change any thing. but remember, blaming the ones un-responsible can destroy every thing.

If you want to comment on "who is responsible" then first Evaluate things and facts in favor of every individual who is gonna be benefited of this all and rise your voice for a better decisions but do not follow the visual shadows.

I still hope best for us. I still hope best for Pakistan. and I still hope best for Muslims. I am just speechless what we are loosing, what the innocent people have lost in that incident. I am really very sorry

I think Pakistan is coming to an end and it is evident from these attacks.If we have to save Pakistan then we have to remove these third class politicians from over system and we have to take students to the parliment. I will say we have to make change in our attitude.Last thing I will say we have to redefine Pakistan interests.We have to say goodbye to america because this country has taken us to this critical stage and if we will not change our attitude then ......

^Please do not make it political.

and loosing a good hope is the end but not any thing else.

Don't want to live in Pakistan but i love to live here! God bless us all! They are only using the name of ISlam ,And To hell those Fake Talibans controled by american and indian agencies! At this moment we need Unity, Quaid's NAtion needs to be one. BOOHOO! to ZARDARI and CO. BOOHOO! I don't want to watch Any news channel, spreading the fear to its full! Allah rest those innocent lives at highest levels of paradise!

As long as the waziristan operation continues, this will continue to happen i'm afraid

i hope we will soon see our homeland free from terrorism...... Plz pray for them who lost their life in today's tragic incident....

I have Prayed Nafal Namaz and I request all of you to pray to Almighty Allah as much as you can for peace in our beloved home land.

Today I switch off the TV after watching crying parents. Tears flowing out of eyes from every patriotic Pakistani.

Government should mobilize all resources to controle such acts of violence. We will cut our 1 chapati to half but we will never want to see our beloved countrymen in miserable bloodshed.

All those seven students who have embrassed shahadat will never die in our hearts and we condole their families.

Always remember that: Rang layega Shaheedo ka lahu !!!

Ayé Watan pyaré watan

Ayé Watan pyaré watan, Pak Watan, Pak Watan

Mera dil teri muhabbat ka hai jaan baksh diyaar

Mera seena teri hurmat ka hai sangeen fasaar

Meray mahbuub Watan tujh pé agar jaan ho nisaar

May yéh samjhu’n gaa thikhané laga sarmaya-o-dhan

Ayé Watan pyaré watan

Ayé Watan pyaré watan, Pak Watan, Pak Watan