TV's upcoming attractions!

Yaar why not share some upcoming TV programmes here...!!!? wat say U?

welll, I wanna share that this 14th, Geo TV is gonna show "Khuda Kaye Liye" @ 8 pm PST.

Also, The Musik will be telecasting TMA 2008 @ 9 pm PST the same day.

any attraction with you?

The movie they will show will be busted with truck-load of ads. Moreover, TMA has tried to create a lot of pomp and show since the last couple of years but failed to make an impact like LSA.

No, I am not a pessimist.

^ what is LSA?

Lux Style Awards.

LSA as far as I know has been cancelled due to the economic crisis in the country. I think they will now donate the money to some charities and worthwhile causes.

lol bathisland i dunno if yr being sarcastic but i thought LSA already happened?

The Lost Room--miniseries at StarMovies 10:30 PST Friday 15 august. Its a very suspenseful mystery short series. must watch.

here is the link for more info

the last tragic moment, BathIsland is right LSA has been called off.

well i also did hear of LSA being cancelled thru the mouth of Fariha Altaf on TV.

The new attractions this time are:

1. Taayir-e-Laa Hooti (has been published in Khawateen or Shu'aa digest for few years) , written by Riffat Siraaj..... soon on HUM TV

2. The Ghost, written by Umera Ahmad ....... also soon on HUM TV.

well i will see star world from 8:00 to 10:00 a lot of comedy series

Next 12 days will be excellent.

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Next 12 days will be excellent.


yeah been waiting for mid september since long, lots of my fav shows returning with new seasons :D

^ yeah end september will bring with a lot of cool and exciting tv shows

i especially cant wait for heroes