TV Tuner: Info required

I just wanted to discuss which TV Tuner is the best. Specially in used ones. I want a tv tuner card which should play tv in a media player and it should also capture tv in best format PLUS I should be able to use my PC for internet etc side by side along with seeing and recording tv.


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WinDVR (Global) - Rs. 1800 - Galaxy.




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Is it price of new one ?

yup qasim, sheikh chilli never buy used products.


What about this one ?

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What about THESE ?

Which one is good ? Mercury OR ATI OR PIXEL VIEW OR else you ppl recommend ///

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Dunno about specs but try to get one which can do hardware encoding/decoding. Hauppage (sp?) has some nice cards but unfortunately, they aren't officially available here.

Hardware encdoing ?



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Hardware encdoing ?

Hardware based encoding means chip on tv card will do the hardware intensive encoding while processor of your pc won’t be used that much,while with software based Cheaper tv cards load is passed on to the processor and it does the encoding,which might slow down your computing experience a bit if you got a low end pc.