TV tuner for Nayatel's Digital Cable

Hi i am using Nayatel's Digital Cable service in Islamabad for which Nayatel has provided a Coship Set top box (STB). I was planning to buy a USB stick TV tuner for watching tv on my laptop (from abroad). e.g:

I am wondering if would be able to view Nayatel's digital chanels as well using a Tv tuner that supports QAM Digital Video broadcast standard without the use of the STB. I am no expert in this domain but does any one know if this would be possible or does Nayatel use some other broadcast standard or if it uses some encryption etc.?



the ones used in usa are mostly USB DVB-T ATSC 6 Mhz which is for terrestrial tv if its DVB-C QAM still its would be ATSC 6 Mhz but here we would need DVB-C QAM 8 Mhz

As multichoice mentioned those USB Stick tuners are made for DVB-T or ATSC (in USA and Canada) reception so will not work for "DVB-C" reception. If Nayatel is providing their digital service FTA ( Free To Air) without any Conditional Access and Smart Card then you can watch those channels on any DVB-C tuner device. Otherwise no chance. So do one thing check if your STB has smart card slot and it contains a smart card. If there is one then their service is encrypted.

BTW can you plz post their complete digital channels list here.

Hi I am a new user here.Can you please confirm what sort of service is it? or its just a device like TV Tuner we used to install on our desktops for viewing the cable channels. Is Nayal TV is providing the cable services through STB's like worldcall doing in KArachi?


It's the same as worldcall and others in various cities. They use the same coship receiver but a different model and the same standards and its fta as well.


Kindly post lists of nayatel analog and digital channels. Thanx!

Thanks for all the information.

I will take a look at the STB for the Smart Card slot.

Also i will try to post the channels list soon.