TV Cable Operator in DHA 7

Can anybody help me to find cable operator in Phase 7 as i have World Call ......... Service. i desperately looking for another cable operator. please help me to findout the cable guy number or address...

why are you leaving worldcall??

im also looking for a alternate cable tv provider in clifton. thanks

they dont have any good channel plus mostly cable were switched off still since morning world call service is off. im looking for DHA Karachi remember please

The day the Chief Justice spanked WorldCall and the Pemra

Chairman for collusion and shutting off news channels, WC

like a petulant, spoiled brat shut-off it's cable services for

the entire city of Karachi.

They have also taken the phone off the hook, in the classic

KESC/PTCL manner.

It's a crying shame that we don't have more options, other

than WC and PTCL.




Sheikh 'Na-Beena' Chilli

yes i live in DHA too, i want to get rid of WORLDCALL TV too, these b-a-s-t-a-r-d-s are notorious in banning/turning off channels when ever they please. thanks god i got DSL now for internet as alternative (i swear the headache they gave me with the internet service was unbelievable)

now if i get good alternate TV service then i would be off WORLDCALL for good (its gonna be like getting rid of cancer)

EDIT UPDATE: well something just popped up in my mind as i was thinking about it. in a way we the customers are responsible for "in DHA" that we got single monopolistic crappy WORLDCALL TV and i guess we deserve it, the reason being i still remember i guess it was 2004 when WORLDCALL started service in phase 6 at that time there were also 3 traditional cablewallas were operating and 4th new service was that of WORLDCALL, we all in masses jumped to WORLDCALL nobody gave a #$%# about the existing cablewallas doing business there for very long time, since nobody subscribed from these existing cablewallas no more so witihn one year they all went out of business and then we all left with present WORLDCALL, now WORLCALL knows they ain't got no competitor in DHA,

so now it comes down to why we as customers crying and bitching when in reality we are the ones (with our mass transition to WORLDCALL) who made these three existing cablewallas go bankrupt and we are the one who created this single WORLDCALL monopoly......

I'm in phase 6 too..and i second the idea of having more local competitors..

From multiple sources, I have been told that WC paid

for exclusive rights of operation in DHA, which inciden-

tally, has expired this year. So no one else could (even

if they wanted to), operate in DHA. They could probably

set up shop in Clifton, or several bastis inside, or ad-

joining DHA, which do not come under the legal purview

of the Authority.

This of course promoted a monopoly and was wrong.

OTOH, WC, to it's credit, maintained quality of picture,

which was one of the major headaches with many of the

fly-by-night cablewallahs.

What we need, is DTH. We have been discussing that

on this board before 2005 and still waiting for it to ma-





Sheikh 'Bina Wire' Chilli

Guys, Mehran Cable is now in DHA Karachi. Their office number is 0213-5381330. Monthly charges 350 with good quality channel at least better then WC. Thanks God...

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Guys, Mehran Cable is now in DHA Karachi. Their office number is 0213-5381330. Monthly charges 350 with good quality channel at least better then WC. Thanks God…

any chance mehran cable is also in clifton?

I just talked to one of the guys at Mehran Cable, a

Mr. Mohd. Waqqas. He claims to serve Ph-VI and

Ph-VII, as well as most of Clifton area.




Sheikh 'Alternative' Chilli

thanks chilli, could someone post another number for mehran cable? no ones picking up the office no.

mehran cable is part of GIA cable they are connected with GIA cable system from gulshan iqbal !!!!!!!

does anyone have the channel list for MEhran?

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does anyone have the channel list for MEhran?

the guy i talked to claims the service has 100+ channels, ill post em here if he drops off the brochure. anyways, i was looking forward to getting mehran cable but unfortunately it’ll cost me 6000 bucks to get wired :(

6K!!! why??

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6K!!! why??

he said the nearest cable junction isn’t close to my house, so he expects me to pay for the entire coaxial cable roll to wire up the street.