Tv antenna booster

ASSALAMU ALAIKUM sir can u gave any solution of this problem i live in a town where tv signal very bad and dont have cable tv or dish etc so i watch only 3 chennals ptv and news and atv i use yagi antenna but can't receive clear receptions can u suggest me any tv signal booster and antenna support vhf/uhf and vlf i received sometime vlf chennels name tv1 zinda(pashto) and other sports chennal and sometimes I receive vhf/uhf india chennal but all signal very bad can u gave any idea or u know any pre-amplifire/boo available in market and product work well so please help i live 163/9-L nearby ghazi abad near chichawatni i cannot bought satellite receiver

Are you using a coaxial wire between your TV and your antenna?


Use the telephone wire - the same type that comes from the exchange bix to your home - between the TV and your antenna. The copper in it is much better and conducts much better as well... It should help you out.

If you're too far away geographically from the booster, your results will vary - but using the phone wire will help a lot. (It helped us before we got cable).

Yeah I think the telephone wire would be a great choice for improving the signals ...