Trusted PC on your Windows Live Account

Hey guys. have you checked with the new feature on Windows Live? - "The Trusted PC"

It comes to an option while installing or upgrading to Windows Live Essentials 2011... however it manually can be set in your Account Options... (I am not sure if the option would be available without installing WLE 2011, you can check before installing at

it should be like below

I guess it's the one of the good features to secure your account even after it has been compromised. In fact following is what it is defined as

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A trusted PC is a computer that you've added to the password reset information for your Windows Live account. This information helps Windows Live verify the identity of the person using the trusted computer.

If you ever forget your password, or if someone gains unauthorized access to your account, it's easier to reset your password from your trusted PC. When you request to have your password reset from a trusted PC, Windows Live trusts that you are who you say you are and doesn't require you to provide any additional information to verify your account.


Reference to the above text was found when upgraded to WLE 2011 yesterday. It was at but some how it's not working right now (many of the help content is not working right now)

but there is Google Cached page you can visit till it's available.

I could manage to setup a Trusted PC but I am not able to use that option on resetting password page. Just trying to figure out what's wrong...

My hotmail account was compromised but in a different way, somebody used it send spam. Now I don't have a US mobile number to verify the acc. :(