Trickle Charge query(battery pictures inside)


Sorry about the topic heading. Tried to be as descriptive as possible.
I bought 2 x AGS GX200F batteries two days ago after the previous ones(same model) had served me for 3 years. An exceptional performance by local standards for wet batteries.
After the initial 48 hour non-stop charge, I am looking at a reading that indicates the batteries are full and a ‘trickle charge’ is being supplied by the inverter.
The values however are different. Please observe the pictures below.

My concern is, one battery is at 0.5 while the other is being charged at 0.03.
Shouldn’t both be the same? Is the discrepancy indicative of something wrong with the first battery(cell/diluted acid) and or the charger.

The inverter is an Inverex XP 2600(images taken from olx)

Thanks in advance, for any help!

The current should be same in a series circuit. Now this is measurement error for a meter like UNI-T. These are non-contact type measurements and several factors can influence the reading.

In the 2nd picture, try measuring with the meter facing downward or at a distance from the battery terminal. Use the lowest A range on the meter.

This is sure a measurement issue/error, nothing to worry about batteries.

Thank you sir.
Followed your advice. Flipped the meter and took a reading. It came out to be similar to Battery #2. Meaning 0.02/3 - All seems well now.
Not going to lie; feel kinda dumb.

Glad it helped.

No worries, I also learned everything from others.

UT203 meter jaws have + on one side (meter face side) and - on the back side. When used for measuring DC amps, the current must be flowing in the marked direction otherwise measurement will have error. So measure one cable with meter facing you and other cable with meter facing upside down. Be aware that when meter is facing up, current in measured wire should be going from top of meter (+ side) to bottom of meter (- side) on red wire.