Tribute to Saad Ibrahim

this topic is a sort of tribute to Saad Ibrahim due to his devotion to and always be there to help others.

i would like Saad Ibrahim to introduce himself plz because we wanna know about him.

i would also like other members of wp to present a vote of thanks and appreciation to him.

May Allah bless saad Ibrahim and us all.

Thank you Saad Ibrahim ..... yea you are right Assam when first i joined wiredpakistan (thats way before it got hacked) the person that i found almost all over the place was Saad Ibrahim .... He was there to help and share whatever he got ...... Its not that other people here are not helpful but as the topic is so thats why ......

(BTW i'm a very frequent visitor of WP but post less)

May Allah give you health and more knowledge for the benefit of you and others ....

"Jai ho SaadIbrahim ki" :D

yeah you are right guys. He the No.1 guy here in form, Most helpful and active member of this community

Thank u Saad Ibrahim

To know more abt saad "personally" as it were hang out in the irc room at

Oh yes there no other opinion that Saad Ibrahim more positive person and more informative and always reply.

I highly appreciate his devotion to this forum.

Thank you



wow, firestorm, You really fantastic way tribute to Saad Ibrahim

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Better than our current Prez, for sure! Definitely one of the star members :)

Yes, Saad Ibrahim is the best and the favourite member of WP. Always comes first with the reply. I really wanna know more about him and make good friendship with him.

Yes we must praise Saad Ibrahim for his contributions in wiredpakistan but believ me dis guy z always present 2help us not only on wiredpakistan but also on his personal blog &even thru email.Wenever i hav askd him somthng he replies me&gives his best.I remembr i read here in forum comment by ruhaanjslip who z also Saad's rivalry > "Saad is the heart of wiredpakistan".Wiredpakistan z my favorite forum&z d king of techforums in pakistan&members here always post gr8 valuable informations.

In my opinion this forum got 2 stars who sunshine within this forum as well as in our hearts as they always ready to reply and give solutions. Thats why they both got lifer. You peoples may understand whom I am talking about. Those Stars are "SAAD IBRAHIM" and "RUHAANJSLIP" I know you people will not disagree with me.

Guys, might I remind you this is not a social networking site? :)

To get to know Saad in person, head over to the Member to Member discussion thread or the IRC channel.