Transfering of funds from paypal to!?

I just recently wanted to buy domain from name cheap through my paypal account, but when i transfer fands from paypal to it asks for credit card number for paypal( i already have funds in paypal) am i supposed to solve that...?did any of you have same problem..?

the funds you have to pay to namecheap may be more than your paypal balance...

or is your paypal verified? some merchants require that the paypal account should be verified...

yes my funds are more than minimum balance, but my paypal is not verified.....

how to verify you verify it by credit card.?

is there any virtual credit card which i can use to verify....?


yes i can provide you verification services.. :)

or if you just need help in this transaction i can do it for you for FREE... just send me money and i ll pay for your stuff at namecheap using a verified account..

so how to do the verification to do

actually i have a lot of domains to buy, not just at one time but frequently,

that is why i want to learn what system works


well bro you can do verification of paypal accounts by Virtual Credit Cards

so , where to get these virtual credit cards............which sites.??