Transfering contacts from Nokia 6303 classic To Samsung Galaxy S2

Hi guys,

Please tell me how can i transfer my contacts and sms from nokia 6303 classic to samsung galaxy S2 I900 phone?


Are they on the SIM or on the phone?

Synchronize both with outlook with help of Nokia PC suit and Kies. First synchronize Nokia and then Samsung.

1) Transfer them to SIM from Nokia and then transfer back from SIM to Galaxy.

2) Using PC suite (or whatever) transfer them to outlook contacts, and then in your Gmail, import contacts from outlook and finally sync your Galaxy to your gmail account.

Method 1, only Name+Number will be transferred and with method 2, every detail will be transferred.

i have contacts on both sim and phone... but most of them are on phone bcoz sim is out of memory.. but i will try the methods told by @AHS & @Ijaz Ahmed ... Thank You Guys :)

One more solution is to backup contacts in Nokia (if this option is available) and put that backup file to memory card and transfer this file to Samsung.Now execute this file in Samsung.All the contacts will be imported/stored in the phone book.

check this out

thx guys contacts successfully transferred to galaxy s2 but how can i also transfer my sms from nokia 6303i to galaxy?