TRACKING of items from ali expres

hi how are you all

i bought few items from ali express, they were processed very quickly

but problem is that i am not able to track order

when i enter the tracking number on tracking site provided there there is no record etc

so every one who bought from ali xpress had same problem or just me

I don't think so ! I have no idea about it..

If you order with free shipment then you will not able to track. They sent free items through China Post to save shipment cost which you can't track.

Contact the seller on AliExpress and seek explanation.

Vendors on AliExpress ship through many different methods. Tracking numbers they provide can be real in some cases (usually for items over $7 or with paid shipping) or fake (usually for cheap items with free shipping). Message vendor(s) and say you are unable to track the shipment then see what their reply is.

don't worry about tracking number , Just keep an eye on buyers protection time

tracking is valid after about 10 days, before that you can not track your order.

moreover tracking does not always tell you the exact location of the product it just inform you when package leaves china and when it reaches to pakistan. So i will suggest you just to wait and will finally receive the product at your doorstep.