TP link with PTCL Problem


The problem is hard to define .

Actually. I hv got a PTCL ADSL modem. the white one, i dont know the name. its just PTCL written at it.

The two PCs are connected to this white PTCL modem via Ethernet cable.

another Ethernet cable goes to TPlink . that enables me work on my Laptop and wifi phone.

NOW problem with two PCs connected with white PTCL Modem. It stops browing suddnly after some time. when i enter it opens the TPLINK admin panel rather then the PTCL's Panel.

i hope you'v got what i wannto say.

waiting for the solution.




this will open tp-links web GUI, select DHCP. Select Disable from DHCP Server against. Select Save. It will prompt you to restart the router "don't do it at this time".

Then select "Network". Select "Lan" from the sub menu. In "IP Address" field type "". Select "Save" It will prompt you to restart the router, "reboot" your router now.

Now your Tp-link router Web GUI will be ava. at and you modem will be ava at

Hope this solves it. If you need a video tutorial feel free to contact me.