TP Link W8951ND adsl2+ wifi router settings

Can anyone please guide me how to configure the "Tp-link W8951ND adsl2+ wifi router" for Ptcl DSL. I have connected the phone-wire correctly and the DSL-LED is on but the internet-LED is off.

Please help me out!


Open your web browser and type in the address bar and enter. Your router's settings page will open. Login with username=admin, password=admin.

Now, go to DSL settings section and put your username, password and VPI and VCI values. If you have a copper line then VPI=0 & VCI=103; if you have a fiberoptic line then VPI=8 & VCI=81

watch this video

@ZXCVB: Yes I am trying the same settings but still internet-led is off...

@armada: THe video is teaching only the wifi router settings, its using some different dsl modem

Troubleshoot your network.

If it is a DNS issue, then try Google DNS or OpenDNS