TP link Router Not working on Fariya as Wifi

Dear Every one .

this is faizan from karachi , i am new here , I was googleing so i found this Forum , its really helpful

today i bought Router TP link TL WR740N and using Fariya Cable net service VPN , but yeh Configure nahi ho rha hai :s .. bht Koshish ki but Configure nahi ho rha ! Its Working as Switch and showing Wifii but Net not working .

I am using Same Detials as abv mentioned

but WAN Ip Release nahi ho rai hai .

and its working on Dynamic as a Switch ,

I don't know what could be the problem. Here are my settings for WAN:

WAN connection type: PPTP/Russia

Fariya User/Pass

Dynamic IP mode

Server IP Address/Name:

MTU Size (in bytes):1420

Connection Mode: Connect on Demand

In LAN settings, all I have is this:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

my local Cable net person said he will take my router to Fariya office and they will do something and will charge 200 Rs :S .. Please Help any one!

Contact me on my Cell 0333 3103517 Faizan

hey , put connection mode : connect automatically and put your fariya primary and secondary dns in dhcp settings and make sure to put your connection wire in correct wan slot in router

Select These:

1.WAN connection type: PPTP/Russia

2.Fariya User/Pass

3.Dynamic IP mode

4.Server IP Address/Name : Your Server IP Address

Server IP Address Can Be Found By Clicking On The Fariya Connected Network I Mean SENT RECIEVE NETWORK RIGHT IN THE TASKBAR OF DESKTOP Click On That And Then Click Detail Which Can Be Found Above And Copy Server IP Address And Paste In The Above Step 4.

5.MTU Size (in bytes):1420

6.Connection Mode: Connect on Demand OR Connect Automatically.


Why don't you call Fariya Support after all you are their customer.