Tp Link Router. Help

Salam..and sorry if I am posting this in wrong place..beacuse i am new here..
I wont to know that I have brought a new TP Link router for my Fariya Cable Network and I am not able to connect it when I switched off my pc there any idea why this thing is happening ?? cause with
Wi-Tribe and Ptcl ROuter/Device any one can easily be connected with it even the pc was switched off..Please help me any one...I am very much distrubed cause of that..

Why don't you call Fariya Cable Network guys to resolve your problem?

I don't understand the second part of your question, Please confirm your ISP (Fariya, PTCL, Wi-Tribe) :wacko:

Salam Brother,

Open to config your router, pleae open up the IP of TP-link router after connecting your PC with the router's output port,

How to Open IP:

go to your Internet browser, type in address bar '' for tp-link and then provide the username and Pass 'admin' for both,

Then go to the setup and click on the type of connecting provided to you, If you have PTCL connection or any other connection which provides adsl formate then click on Static ip, and provide the following address.

IP address: ( for PTCL) or you can check yours ISP's IP by >> run>>cmd>>ipconfig.

Subnetmask: for all networks)

Default gateway: your routers ip, PTCL is

Primary DNS: for PTCL others your routers ip

Leave secondary DNS empty...
That's done

I was using Tp-link 740N on Connect communication blue , but it stopped working. can any one tell me the current corrected settings... Thanks