not opening

hey guys, is not opening in my pc, have 1mb connection but its opening at my friend's and cousin's (both have ptcl dsl 1mb connection)place.. why is that?? can anyone help me solve this issue..


it is opening on my side perfectly

Try a traceroute to see what's going on.

Start > Run > cmd > tracert

opening fine ! try changing your DNS Servers

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Try a traceroute to see what’s going on.

Start > Run > cmd > tracert


Its saying:

over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 destination host unreachable

Opening on my side also. I have also 1 MB ptcl connection. Change your DNS servers.

which dns servers are you using? i am using obtain the setting automatically option.

^dude i think you are using any kinda ip hider or something is wrong with your OS "spy-wares" etc...

This is not a Spywares issue..

Use open dns and then try again.

how do i use that? some directions would be helpful =)

^ ok try these

Primary :

Secondary :

Primary :

Secondary :

^ No luck still not working =(


^ Nope not opening..

@Forest everything other than torrentz is fine..???

Ooo i remember "TRY" to change your ADSL mode from auto-sync to ADSL2+.

i had faced this problem on my last connection on ONU.. :P

^ Nope still not opening =(

^try opening with firefox,chrome...

Have used 4 different browsers no luck, anyways i have decided to use "your freedom" software am now able to open the site.