Torrents issue

Facing a new problem which is kindda wierd..

On normal http downloads i recieve full 120kb/sec with normal smooth browsing...

but once i start Bittorrent for my downloads.. i do not get more than 20-30k, ive checked all settings on the Bittorrent.. but still no change.

P.S: my modem keeps restarting after 10-15 minutes also..

Lineman says line is perfectly fine! dailtone is clear too...

What could be the issue? or is there some issue runing with torrents on PTCL ?

As far as Downloading torrent is concern, only download torrents with higher seeders.

What do you mean by modem restart, does it loose connectivity only or re-boot again and again?

check the port status !

@Shafiq : sync - un-sync ...

@Irfan : ports see to be fine.. Utorrent seems to be working also normal (Green tickmark)

It depends on Seeds and peer ratio of the torrent if you have good seeds and also low amount of peers then the download speed will be fast. Further try to use uTorrent Client for downloading this is good functionality wise.

Have you limited upload speed? Setting it too low can also effect d/l speed.

no restrictions on torrents..

and http downloads working perfectly fine...

is there something wrong with my line stats?/


Use a perfectly seeded torrent. You will hardly fine one at public trackers. So use private tracker.