Torrent Settings at Qubee

I have qubee 1mbps unlimited. I use two PC's at a time with router. some times utorrent sign is not green and the speed is some times slow when a user single click on browsing various websites. like it does not make full throttle like that of IDM. Do i have to port forward of both torrent (PC's) separately on router?

You define a port in your client and then make it to accept incoming connections or "do a port forward'' in your router while giving your PC a static IP.

I can guide you but is your connection (fro your router to your PC) is tangible (non wireless)? Are you able to access your router's settings?

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my connection architecture is like this

Qubee Modem -> Router (DHCP on) -> wifienabled Laptop

-> wired pc Current UPnP Status:

Enabled Current UPnP Settings List ID App Description External Port Protocol Internal Port IP Address Status 1 Skype UDP at 32251 UDP 32251 Enabled 2 Skype TCP at 32251 TCP 32251 Enabled 3 Teredo 62623 UDP 62623 Enabled 4 uTorrent (TCP) 31679 TCP 31679 Enabled 5 uTorrent (UDP) 31679 UDP 31679 Enabled

this table generates in router FORWARDING->uPnP's page automatically. If i open a torrent in my pc a pc ip is generated here with its torrent port etc. do i have to port forward in modem ? i am using sagemcom SE681 modem provided by qubee.

It works all the time fine may be there will be an issue of seeds/peers but all the time my icon is orange or yellow but it downloads any files having more seeds some times with full speed i.e 120 KBps.

is this ip static or dynamic on your PC?

Also Check your windows firewall setting.

i have assigned static ip to the laptop through router DHCP address reservation

Thanks it helped as well to a bit. Helped someone with WiTribe connection.

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i have assigned static ip to the laptop through router DHCP address reservation


That’s still count as dynamic as its still assigned by DHCP but it should work…

what is the make and model number of your router/modem?

router tplink 741ND

modem sagemcom provided by Qubee

previously i was using this router with PTCL modem and it was working fine.. i guess issue is with peer or seeds can you give me any movie download link (torrent) to check it ? may be there would be a silly issue which i tought is creating a problem :) faisal can you add me on skype ? my skype id is usamamustafa

I was thinking about that too. just added u on skype...