Im sure fav aint J.K Rowling ..

I would rank my likings:

1. writer= Mumtaz Mufti

book= آواز دوست

2.Writer=Ashfaq Ahmed

book= بابا صاحبا

book= من چلے کا سودا

3.writer= Thomas Friedman

book=World is Flat:a brief history of 21st century

4. writer= Qudratullah Shahab

Book= یا خدا

Jeffery Archer = Kane and Abel

John Grisham = The Chamber

J K Rowling = Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire

Ibn e Insha = Khumar e Gandum

Enid Blyton = Mr. Galliano's Circus (My favourite childhood book!)


Dastan-e-Amir Hamza

Tilsam-e-Hosh Ruba

Umroo Ayyar Ke Karnamay

Inspector Jamshed Series

Inspector Kamran Series

Famous Five

Secret Seven

The Three Investigators

The Hardy Boys


Enid Blyton

Franklin W. Dixon

Ishtiaq Ahmed




Sheikh 'Bazeecha-e-Itfaal' Chilli


Book: Tarzan aur khofnak bala

Author: Shahid Mahmood

Have you read "Tarzan Aur Gainda" ?. That's a page

turner, man. I still have 'em all.

I had a footlocker full of comics from the 60's, donated

by a generous older cousin. Hot Stuff, Casper, Wendy,

Marvel, DC Comics and a bunch of westerns. Those were

hand drawn artistic masterpieces. With rich detail and

quality of color, unmatched by today's comics, what

with their CGI driven crap.



Sheikh 'Mugambo Khush Hoa' Chilli


Can't tell about the books 'cause there are lots of them, my favorite authors are:

* Ashfaq Ahmad

* Bano Qudsia

* Mumtaz Mufti

* Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi

* Israr Ahmad a.k.a Ibn e Safi

* Shair Muhammad Khan a.k.a Ibn e Insha

* Ahmad Shah a.k.a Patras Bukhari

* Aleem Ul Haq Haqqi

and many more....!


@neoclue this is the book you mentioned ? پطرس کے مضامین - پطرس بخاری

Here is the a website dedicated to him http://patrasbokhari.com/content/patras-ke-mazameen.

Do you remember the 50W and 25Watt debate.


peer-e-kamil is my favorite book my suggestion to all guys that must read it !!


umeera ahmed

Tareekhi Dastaweiz

godfather by mario puzo

Angels and demons by dan brown

I'm amazed no one mentioned mustansar hussain tarrar. He is a nice writer.