Too Many Passwords

Time has come when we have to remember different passwords for so many accounts. Couple of times we forgot the passwords and suffer from account-lock. These include ATM PIN codes, E banking services, Email accounts etc. Can anyone share the idea or trick for remembering such passwords ?

Write them down in notepad and save them in a password protected directory :P

Write them on a piece of paper, keep that always in your left pocket. :o

Dude you seriously need google! searhc for any password protection software.

gr8 helped me

Thanks! this web site has really helped me.

use firefox plugins to import/export passwords........

use password manager...

use roboform its best for purpose, i used it personally.

Simply use Opera's log in feature. I use regularly.

HMmm...There are many softwares available on google that are very good for the password saving ..Actually i didnt have the problem like this as I have almost same passwords for all things like Gmail yahoo and forum ..