To sell my 2 dish and recvier

i have 2 dish one 8ft and other is 4ft with 2 lnb each installed on them..........i was recvieving hotbird, asiasat3s, doordarshan channlls and nilesat.......and recvied is et 700 if any1 interested in this package i bought for 11000/= in august last yr. suitable offers would be apperciated thanks pm me or post ur offer


no offers ???

7,000 but karachi is "little" far......

just go to the regal market at saddar theyll offer u something around ur demand as a few weeks back i went there and asked about such a setup and it was about 14000 but it had two recivers also.

what about the russian channel? :P

krasheed>>iam interested in the 8feet dish and receiver echolink 700>>what is the last that you want from them>>is the dish fibre glass>>and yes iam in karachi

jack>>> plz make offer as i dont know about the current price its one piece in fibre i think.........i prefer if whole package would be purchased but i dont mind selling individually

krasheed>>i went to the market some 3 weeks ago and they are selling a 8 ft dish staring from 4200 rs and onwards>>echolink latest 708 receiver is going for 2200 rs and yours is 700>>lnb c band for 300 rs>>

after a year you know i would have to see the condition>>second hand items go for 50 % of their original price so u can guess what my offer will be....

by the way in which area do u live in karachi,i am towards defence phase V. can u deliver to my home if we strike a deal because i really want this>>

jack have u recveived my pm? if yes then call and make an offer thanks

my internet service has been down for 8 days now>>i did not receive any email from you

please resend to the following email address