Tips on how to be part of the dating scene in Karachi?

I feel very embarrassed to post this, but thought what the hell.

My years of clean, shareef, pure living are now basically catching up on me. I am now a 34 year old individual. I have never ever dated in my entire life, while i had crushes in high school and college but unfortunately they could never really materialize favourably for me.

It is now very tough for me to hang around with my high school and university friends because they are all not only married but also with kids and with decent jobs and it becomes even more hurtful to hear them criticize me for still being single and some of them even taunt me that i have now aged out and that i can’t really expect good prospects anymore.

My folks haven’t really been able to find a good match yet either but they are more worried for my younger sister right now who is just finishing with college and i agree with them that she should be their top most priority right now.

While i am not desperate as such but i would like some tips from experienced people here as to how can i be involved in the dating scene in Pakistan especially Karachi.

In the West you have bars, clubs, parties where people find their soul mates but what can a single guy in Karachi do if he really wants to go out there and try his luck out.

Please do not suggest these matrimonial websites, i have tried a few of them and have had really bad experiences with them, most of the girls over there post fake photographs and lie as well.

Brother i think arrange marriage is now the best option left for you