Tips for safe using of internet on BlackBerry 8900

I have BlackBerry 8900 cell phone. I never use internet on it but now I have started using. I want to know the useful tips for a safe use of internet on my cell phone without any trouble.

Morove, please inform me the quick link to get cricket score etc info on my cell phone. I have Warid SIM.

It is very important to do "safe use of internet on cell phone without any trouble". When I was young and naive, I use to do unsafe usage of internet on my cellphone. Once, I got electric shock from cellphone. The other time I got near-death experience and the bolt of lighting strike just few feet away from where I was standing. I pray to Allah, that I was save from death at that day. A person who was standing nearby told me that I should consult with local mobile market. Since then, by the help of gracious people at local mobile market, I am now using safe internet without any trouble. Moreover, kind-heart people at local mobile market, took Rs. 100 from me and install all kind of softwares in my cellphone. Now, I can see latest news, cricket info, weather forecast and what-not. All thanks to local mobile market.

Learn from my experience and always use safe internet. Haven't you people read the warning written by government on the back of all cellphones sold in Pakistan?

"Unsafe usage of internet or cellphone can be dangerous to your health. Warning to all Pakistanis by PTA".

Listen to this warning. PTA and government are our friend that's why they wrote this warning. Unless you are using a cellphone that was sold in black-market. You shouldn't buy those cellphones, they are bad for economy.

P.S. Please discard this post. Do not take this post seriously. If it gave you a laugh or two then my work is done. My apologizes to signode, it was just a joke. :)

Can anyone direct me to the address in Lahore where the software are installed in BlackBerry?