Tips for reducing the size of E-mails

I want to reduce the data file size of Microsoft Outlook. For this I have an idea that I receive many mails from people with some files attached. Normally, mails are important but attached files are not important. Is it possible that I remove/delete attached file from a mail while original mail text should remain save? Or any other idea?

Archive different accounts periodically and store file with backup elsewhere.

In Outlook 2010, just right click on the attachment and select remove attachment. It's that simple. :)

^^ Nice Tip.....

But I need tip for Microsoft Outlook not Outlook Express.

Err the tip is for outlook, NOT Express

Where do you see Express?????

OK, understand. It means this option is in Outlook 2010 only.

Any info about Outlook 2003?

Try and see for yourself.... i have no idea if it works in 2003 or 2007 :|