Those who setup web servers, ......what connection they use?

those who setup web servers ,what reliable broadband connection they use for permanent connection here in pakistan, lahore

share your experiences..

there aint no webserver in Pakistan.. except at PTCL data centers...

Most of the local ISPs, almost all, have their websites and some of their client's websites on their web servers which are setup locally as well as some where out of here..

Why are you questioning such a thing. You really shouldn't be willing to host your website on your home computer, believe me. Find a good hosting service provider, there is a lot.

But specifically to answer your question. If one only wants to host his website on his own server. He would need a reliable internet connection with better upload speed. hence, it all depends on the requirements of the website and the on-growing popularity/hits on the websites.

Following link would be having basic needs/requirements to host your own.

Plus all of that, in Pakistan, you would need a continuous electricity to keep your computer all the time POWERED ON.

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there aint no webserver in Pakistan… except at PTCL data centers…

dont know much, but i know 1, Comsats Lahore have its own server, (for library access+ web based attendance+ accounts/exams info for students, video conferencing room and blah blah blah )

they use satellite internet for this, in campus the ISP name is "Comsats " on

there are 4 very high towers in campus, tall almost like telecom towers, and these are connected to the “server room”.

^ Yes, Comsats does have its own established ISP for all its activities.