Thinking of buying chinese phone with tv/wifi


Already have a good nokia phone but want another one.. looking for one with Keyboard.

I was thinking of E71 / E72 / Blackberry copy (with Wifi and TV)!! any suggestions?? Price range?? sellers in karachi??

I found a lot of E71 copies for 2k~5k with Tv but no Wifi!! someone said wifi doesn't work but I read somewhere that it does!!


I am Bought Chinese Blackberry bold 9700 it has Wifi and TV too. bought if for 5400 Rs and 400 rs for 4GB micro Sd Card dual Sim going good.Wifi works but don't know about the blackberry service on this chinese phone.i already Lost 95000 Rs Phones in last 5 Years.

without Wifi it will cost you 4400-4800 Rs and with Wifi 5000-6000 no fixed price bhuat shops mei dekha and finally got 1 shop whoz giving me decent price and bargain save 500 Rs


where did u buy it from? new or old?

wana sell?

New man! main Cellular market Saddar karachi... i will uplaod the pic later today or tomorrow

oh ok. thnks!! if u dont like it, sell it to me otherwise, will chck out the market tomm or day after then... what about TV? does it catch cable if nearby?

They guy at shop checked through therez a larger cable Amplifier on the Pole(Cable wala uses this cable amplifier on every Kesc Pole) adjacent to his Shop it cached 20-30 channels i checked at my house with conneting a Wire on the phone antena with cable wire. I don't have any normal Tv antena or Rf cable antena Device which we used in 80's and 90's indoor one i will buy the antena and try it.. Only Ptv comes If i only search wtih my Cellular antena without connecting the wires on the Mobile antena






@sam33r: thnkx. looks great!! going to the market tomm

@pure_evil: thnkx for the site, but they are way TOO expensive on the site.. (e.g. the same model that Sam33r got brand new for 5400 is selling on the site for 14,900!!! lols

found a used nokia e71 copy. guy selling it for 4800. will chck and update

^ to be selling 100% same replica..thats why they are expensive..

^so does everyone else... look at sam33rs pics.. looks good. tht will do for me

I read sumwhere tht china mobiles give much greater amount of radiation which may be dangerous to our brainz in significant amounts .. which may lead to brain cancer..

Plz kep dis in mind wen buying china sets... Wifi nd TV are temporary luxuries.... Jaan ai tuo Jahan ai :D

@zazzyo: who cares...

@sam33r: do u hav the number of the guy u bought it from? dont wanna search the market too much? thnkx

A.K.T MObile shop #3 Queen Court Abdullah Haroon Road Saddar karachi

Phone 021-32711000

M.ALI 0334-3982042


Shop at Mobile market Front shop 2nd last shop big shop.

But sometimes i run tv my mobile giving restart i have two sets its happens in both sets its a software problem.I guess.

hm. just bought one for the same price (5400). the software is a good copy (the initial interface). sensor is ok.

i havent figured out the tv yet.. dont know how to set it up. also, when i connect it to the computer, it can't recognize the driver... (i have windows 7) did u get a CD?

also, typing is a problem as in, shift key doesnt work.. so i can either write in all small, or all caps!!

but running the tv hasn't restarted the phone. (kept searching, didnt catch any channels really). (btw, from the pics u have posted, i notice that my software is a bit different to yours. I dont have seperate icons for facebook etc.. have to go to java first..)

wifi works ok. opera/ebuddy

man Running on my Desktop Windows Xp Pro no cd its automatically detects the Memory card.. i will try on my Laptop which has Windows 7 tell u later ....

shift keys every time u have to press sym and then upper symbol will work.....I asked shop guy he told u cant modifiy the OS or i did't download facebook it was already there. Msn messenger E-buddy twitter yahoo etc etc....

If u want to watch the movie or video songs convert to Blackberry MP4 not only MP4 or 3 GP buts its a crappy format when i bought this cell i convert 20-30 songs and videos none of them work accidently i wacthed the extention in video converter Blackberry MP4 i converted the Video it worked.


no, i meant, whn i connect it to computer in USB mode it works.. but I was wondering if I could synchronise contacts etc (COM mode).. lols.. someone said you can use PC suite with this... will try that and tell you..

you cant really change the OS unless you know the EXACT version of your OS and search chinese sites for improvement. I once upgraded the OS og my chinese MP4 player...

but I dont wanna take that risk now... will probably brick my blackberry

i use nokia c3 , Nokia c3 have wifi and good working

@sam33r and other ppl with china phone:

how to add drivers/synchronization in ur china phone:

includes drivers , how to , and pc suite chinese