If you have missed this great blog style website please take out some time to atleast read the 'comics' part of the site. Trust me it really gives the much need break out of frustration.

My fav ones are about the cats, and the facebook/internet related ones. Otherwise they were all fun to read.

Disclaimer: It may not match your desi sense of humor if you like watching Friends in Punjabi, or sum other thing like tht.. u get the idea :P

Do give your feedback on this thread after a laugh or two.. or more.

I have read some of their comics at Gizmodo. Very funny stuff. Specially this one:

^^Lolz ye that one is my fav aswell :D

i liked the web designing comic, its hilarious

I love this comic production website and its comics are really funny for sure.

And they have some pretty good messages as well. One was about how to send proper emails so that they don't go unanswered. Very funny: