The world's first Windows 7 running smartphone!

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The Magic W3: the mini-PC with phone capabilities that’s not a smartphone

Recently, devices like LG’s Tegra 2-powered Optimus 2X have blurred the lines between smartphone and mini-computer but they’re still geared towards the former. The Magic W3’s primary function is as a handheld computer that also happens to have telephone functionality. What’s the difference? The Atom-powered W3 runs on a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium for multi-tasking productivity and includes 32GB of onboard solid state storage.

In addition to the Windows 7 OS, the Magic W3 microcomputer runs a Magic Telephony Touch User Interface to cater for user voice and texting needs over a suitable quad-band GSM network. An Intel Atom Z530 processor running at 1.6 GHz provides the computing power, with support from 1GB DDR2 RAM. The 4.8-inch touchscreen display is capable of 720p high definition playback and there’s a 1.3 megapixel webcam for video conferencing or web chat.

The device also benefits from 3G, Bluetooth and 802.11b/g wireless connectivity, and in addition to the obligatory SIM card slot also sports mini-HDMI, mini-USB and microSD. Completing the specs checklist is built-in GPS, accelerometer, dual microphones, stereo speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Having a full version of Windows running on a handheld device may have been enough of an attraction just a few short years ago to make the Magic W3 a huge success, but it’s questionable that it will be able to compete with the many more advanced mobile offerings either already or soon to be available. That said though, there’s nothing wrong with having another choice for mobile computing.

At the time of writing, there’s no word on pricing or availability.



I was always interested in seeing a hand-held device running a decent windows OS (not a crippled mobile version), and it finally is going to happen, and since it is going to happen, I’m going to assume that more manufacturers are going to adopt the idea, and soon there’ll be many such devices existing, I really hope that happens, cause I’d really like to buy such a device by a better manufacturer.

What do you guys think about this?

Edit: Renamed thread title due to previous title being slightly misleading.

Are there CTRL + ALT + DEL keys on the device? Since it is running Windows.

I don't see any benifit of a separate handheld device only 4.8" screen size while this size smart phones are becoming available these days.

A windows tablet (at least 10" display) can grab market.

That is my very much personal opinion. At least I can not do every day work on a 4.8" size display. For that I already have my smart phone in my pocket.

^ Don't think of it as a PC replacement, more like a laptop replacement, an attractive pocket device capable of doing everything a laptop can seems quite useful to me... and 5 inches isn't THAT small IMO.

Photoshop on the go ;D

Hmm... Not many people seem interested in it. I guess this forum is full of android fanboys. :|

^ Its not that, its just what is so exiting about this device?

Whats the price?

@Zazzyo Being able to use a PC OS on a smartphone is quite cool IMO, i was waiting for this kinda smartphone to show up, and it did, so i am excited, thats all.

@yuronline It is not announced as of yet, I'm wondering too... But it will definitely be less than an iPhone 4's price.

The titlke of this thread says Win7 running smartphone and in the images title it says mini-PC with phone capabilities that's not a smartphone. I'm puzzled! :S

If it is what it looks then it is way cooler than our thoughts!

^ I originally titled it "The world's first hand-held PC" but later i thought that it was misleading, so i changed it to the current title... IMPO it is NOT just a smartphone, it is a hand-held PC.

And yes, it is cool. :D

^Yeah you are right, thats looks misleading.

So in your Professional! or Proud! :) opinion do you think this thing will be deadly in hands of reverse engineers. A remote hacking tools! man that would be awesome.

^ The P stood for "Personal", but the once you mentioned seem more appropriate. :P

That is possible, can't say for sure, but that thing will be a great for show-off. :P

I do wonder how many simple PC games would it be able to play! :cool:

i wonder if there is some ati graphics card of that size? :) obviously nice show-off. hmmm.....

I don't think it would run much of hard core games. 1gb ram and intel atom processor, thats doesn't look good for gaming.

But a big wooooooowwwwww! for 32GB SSD.

By the way you didn't include the original manufacturer site

A big question remains for such a device about its battery timing i bet it wouldn't run more than 2hours.

^ Those specs aren't good for a PC, but for a device of that size, they are definitely not bad either. I don't know about what graphics chip it would have, but it should be good enough... And i do know it wouldn't be able to play hardcore games, thats why i said simple games, Like Zuma & such.