The Sims 3 Minimize on start to task bar

Basically, every time I try to load a game, say for example Sims 3. The game loads full screen for about 1-2 seconds (see a glimpse of intro)and then it minimizes. Laptop with spec:


Processor: Pentium® Dual-Core CPU T4300 @2.10Ghz

OPS: Windows 7 ultimate.

Display Adapter: Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family

1. Did you recently installed any application after the sims 3?

2. Are you running any anti-virus/internet security software? try disabling it and then run.

1. No

2. Running Mcafee. Will try to disable it.

What about system specifications?

Your spec. are fine except display. It uses pixel shader version 2.0. And we all know that intel is not Loved by gamers!