The rise of Gwadar

These days Gwadar becomes the most established city allover Asia, after the China handle the city to make it as a free trade zone port to cover all Asian countries for the business activities. The investors from the foreign country are ready to invest to start their business as it is a free trade zone and having the linking roots to allover Asian countries including China, Iran, Nepal, Afghanistan etc. so it is a great way to make products and to supply allover the countries as mention. With the help of sea port the industrialist also enables to ship their products in European countries in the easiest way. The projects are still under construction and will be completed within few years and will become operational. Some of the major projects which are under construction are. China Pakistan Economic Corridor, railway lines, highway to link Gwadar to allover Pakistan, International Airport and electric power plants and for the public they launch many of the housing schemes. To facilitate the local residential of the city they also start working to construct Hospitals, school, training centers and housing projects where people can live and enjoy their standard of living in the most establish city of Asia.