The prices of motherboards in india

here are some prices of motherboards in india , you can go to and compare some of the price will ofcourse find that not only the procesors but also motherboards are cheaper in india eg. asus motherboards in india start from about 2000 rs compared to pakistani which start from 3000 rs. even adjusted for india rupee it is too much>>

P4 Based MotherBoards :- P4 Based Processors(CPU) :- -- ALL ARE LGA775 --

Brand Model Details Rate Brand Model Details Rate

Zebronics Intel 845 478 Pin / V,S, no Lan 2050

LGA 775 Zebronics Intel 865 478 Pin / V,S, no Lan 2300

Intel Cel-LGA 1.6GHz 800MHz, 512KB, LGA 1500

Intel D201GLY2 board + cel 1.2 3200

Regular 775 / Dual Core / Core2Duo - Supporting Intel New Model Board With Intergrated Celeron 1.2 CPU,

ASUS P5GC-MX 945,S,L,16xPCX, C2D 2500 Which Will ouperform all Old Celeron Models

ASUS P5VD2-VM ViA,V,S,16x ,DDR2 2300

Gigabyte GA-945-MRZ 945G,S,L,16x, DDR2 2450

Dual Core Works in 800 / 1066 / 1333 Boards

Gigabyte ViA945 ViA,V,S,16x ,DDR2 2100

Intel E2160 P4-LGA 1.8 GHz 800MHz, 1MB,LGA 2650

Jetway 945G,S,L,16xPCX, 2200 Core2Duo Works in 800 / 1066 / 1333 Boards

Mercury ViA,V,S,8x AGP,DDR2 2100

Intel E4500 Conroe - 2.2 GHz 800MHz,2 MB,LGA 4800

Mercury 945G,S,L,16xPCX, 2250

Intel D945GCPE 945G,S,L, No Prll or Srl 2600

Intel D945GCNL 945G,S,L,16x,1066 MHz 3100

Intel S975XBX2 975G,S,L,16x,1066 MHz 9900

1333 MHz Processors works in DG31 / 33 & above Boards

Intel DG31PR G31,S,L,16x,1333 MHz 3650

Intel E6550 Conroe - 2.33 GHz 1333MHz,4 MB,LGA Call

Intel DG31PR G31,S,L,16x,1333 MHz 3650

Intel E6750 Conroe - 2.66 GHz 1333MHz,4 MB,LGA 8100

Intel DG33FBC / DG33BU 33G,S,L,16x,1333 MHz 4900

Intel E8200 Conroe - 2.66 GHz 1333MHz,6 MB,LGA,45n 8300

Intel DP35DPM P35,S,L,16x,1333 MHz 5900

Intel E8400 Conroe - 3.0 GHz 1333MHz,6 MB,LGA,45n 9000

Intel DQ35JOE 35,S,L,16x,1333 MHz 6900

Intel DQ35MPE 35,S,L,16x,1333 MHz 6400

Quad Core (4) Works in 1066 / 1333 Boards

ASUS P5KC P35 / 1066 / DDR2 DDR3 8550 Intel Q6600 Conroe - 2.4 GHz 1066MHz,8 MB,LGA 11500

Where are the prices?

Did you adjusted prices with currency difference? Multiply by 1.5 to get rough price.

hmmm...if you adjust for exchange rate difference the prices come to about the same don't they?

1.00 INR = 1.51134 PKR

also Indians are locally producing some of the chips or local electronic gadgets

we already had this conversation before the forums got hacked

The difference is prices is not significant.

It's an apples to oranges comparison if the prices are not converted to any single currency. :/

I don't see what the purpose of creating this thread was. Even if motherboards ARE cheaper in India, then what?

sah>>>if the motherboards are cheaper (keeping in mind the currency rate) then we in pakistan can import the cheaper hardware and it will benefit the end user in the long run>>

executionist>>i believe that thread was about processors cost in india,not motherboards

since indians movies have started playing in the local cinemas>>then why cannot we have cheap indian hardware in our computers>>