The New Symbian Anna & Belle Firmwares

So, the new Nokia touch-screen symbian phones are coming with either Anna or Belle firmwares.


So, I've played around with both the OSes on my friends phones, and they're pretty cool. I myself have installed a Custom firmware of Anna on my 5530, And am really liking it so far.

I think if Nokia keeps up the good work, they might be able to get back on their place, or atleast near that. B)

what is the proses of installing firmware on 5530??

Anna in 5530? Not possible i guess

Bought Nokia 500 2weeks before Anna Firmware...Its a bit different...and crashes much less...

@armada You have to mod your phone with the help of modding/flashing tools. It's quite risky, but if done right, it's worthy.

@faysi9 I have no reason to lie.

Here's proof:


The UI is undoubtedly better & faster than the original 5530 firmware.

Yeah but i guess Belle won't be possible for 5530, due to hardware limitations.

I installed c6 fw on 5800 XM. Some bugs, but VERY fast than the original crap they put in tubes (5800 XM is also called Nokia tube).


Please send me the link of the fw you put in your phone. Also mention if you noticed any bugs.

Like in my phone, lights of physical buttons malfunction.


Well, It's only been a day since i upgraded, so I haven't fully checked it out yet. But one obvious thing i noticed, is that my loudspeaker has started to sound like china mobile, that is, mono & bad. <_< And it is definitely not a hardware issue. :mellow:

Another issue: Can't play 360p videos anymore. So I'm stuck with 180p. -_- But now it's playing H.264 videos unlike before, so while that won't provide high level of details, it will highly save my space, due to lesser bitrates for same quality as of MPEG-4 codec.

Disable auto key lock and see if button lights malfunction while using wifi, phone idle, phone charging, phone screen dim, phone screen off.

is it possible to flash android OS on 5530?

^what a joke!

@hawker Nope, none of those issues.

@armada No, but you might be able to find a Android-like firmware on it. IMHO, Android is overrated, and so is iOS...


Android works in dual boot on N900. That must be the reason armada asked about (probably) his phone.

^Theres a HUGE difference between N900 & 5530!

What a revelation by stating the obvious. Arent you afraid of leaking such a classified piece of info?

Upsilon you should record Tutorial how did you flashed your 5530 it might be helpful for us and easy to follow instead of blah blah in posting

Upsilon! With the flashed firmware, how good is the battery life? Mine sux with the c6 firmware that i flashed.

@armada Umm... I'm not really into doing tutorials, but I'll see what i can do.

@hawker It's pretty much the same, i didn't notice any difference.

[quote=“hawker, post:16, topic:15824”]

What a revelation by stating the obvious. Arent you afraid of leaking such a classified piece of info?


Wasn’t it naive to compare N900 with 5530?