The Must-read Books?

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Haha … same here :D. Those novels were imported from Pakistan in UAE. I have stopped reading novels since I turned 11 though. How do you guys make time for reading novels :o ?


as i said above, right now its too tough to manage time out for extra reading. the last time i read an imran series novel was 4,5 years back.

my fav character would be the حقیر فقیر پر تفسیر، بندہ نا چیز علی عمران ایم ایس سی، ڈی ایس سی اکسن :)

last novel i red it when i was in 10th class. I was a member of this small library but i had around 50 novels of my own, which i later sold 10 buck a piece.

I never red after that but man what a thrill that was....

Long live the Pakasia...........:)

can some body tell me the names of some good books on world history.

@techno: I'm really not into history but take care. History tends to be as biased as the person telling it. So be careful to keep the facts separate from the opinions!