The Movie Guzarish

Hey guys. About a few months ago, i saw the movie named Guzarish (Hrithik Roshan, Aishwariya Rai). Many people were going "Gaga" over it. But somehow i never really liked it and also had the strange feeling that I have heard this story somewhere and the movie is copied. I finally found the movie from where the concept has been taken. Its called "The Sea Inside":

They have copied the whole concept and just added a regular bollywood masala here and there. What was your take on Guzarish?

Haven't watched it nor do I plan to. But I have to say that I'm not surprised which is why I became the admin of a anti-bollywood page in Facebook :P Watch a Hollywood movie instead. At least, if nothing else, you'd get to see better acting and originality more often than not.

yeah i heard that too Bhansali actually copied the concept. I thought they copied a bit of it from the Illusionist and prestige as well But you have provided sufficient evidence that goes against it.

I liked the direction. TOpic wasnot one of the popular one but loved it

i personally like it bcz very few movie are directed on such a unique topics, i like harirhik acting in this movie...

Yes acting and direction was pretty good

Yes off course Hrithick acting was awesome as his role required!