The iPhone 5

New sketches of the iPhone 5 have surfaced online and offer some revealing clues as to what the mooted smartphone will look like. Obtained by Chinese tech site idealschina, the pictures indicate that the iPhone 5 will come with an edge-to-edge display but apart from that, it still looks remarkably similar to the iPhone 4.

The site claims that the sketches are “mould engineering drawings” which case designers use to, er, make phone cases with. They don’t give away any details on the materials used, but the edge-to-edge display we’ve been hearing about lately is clearly shown here. Word is that it’s a 4 inch job but because there are no scales on the leaked pictures, there’s no way of telling.

This isn’t the only iPhone 5 rumour to make an appearance today as Apple has reportedly filed a patent for a Low Profile Plug Receptacle, suggesting that the new i-device could be thinner than its predecessor. The gist of the patent concerns ways of reducing the space required for the 3.5mm headphone jack, implying that Apple wants to cut the size of the handset altogether. The patent also says that the socket could be less than full circular with some of it poking out of the new iPhone’s surface. Alternatively, the system could have a hinge that swings open to accommodate the jack or use a “semi-flexible material” that would hold the connection in place. There’s no telling which one Apple would go for but based on its previous sleek designs, we’re not so sure the firm will use the first option.

The iPhone 5 is rumoured to be announced like its predecessors at Apple’s WWDC event on June 5 in San Francisco.