The Best and Worst Broadband Service in Karachi?

In my experience, the best service is Maxcom and the worst currently is PTCL EVDO.


Worst Wateen

Wateen, is the best not worst

From what I've heard, Wateen is the worst. Its wireless, just coz it works good in one place doesn't mean it will in the other too, how far is the BTS from your house? I heard Maxcom was very good, but lately, I don't think people are satisfied. From personal experience, I think the best is Nayatel but its Isl/Rwp only, after that PTCL. From the Wateen I have used, its not good at all. I haven't used broadband that much though.

PTCL comparison!!! im a brand loyal guy!;->

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Wateen, is the best not worst

Its good only for those who dont download torrents. :P

Any service:

when it works properly is best.

when it sucks its worst

For me: PTCL is best and worst.

@osman zubair: Yeah, u r right, I am not (yet) disappointed by Wateen cuz the Access Point is right in front of my house, but I have taken the CPE to my uncles house, I received very low signals but the speed was the same


It depends on if you are talking in context of wired or wireless. Speaking of easy first, wireless is solely dependent on many factors - if it is working best for me, it may not work best for you for reasons like distance of AP/BTS from your location of use, number of users connected to the bandwith at your BTS (e.g. EVDO is shared so more users lesser the share you get - here in my home on a 1 MB EVDO connection you get about 600~700kbps in usual circumstances so with my location you get best value for money with 512kbps connection but I got 256kbps because it is sufficient for my usage.

In short, me (in Korangi) and my friend (near Hassan square) have been victims of Yateem so we will always classify it as worst. On the other hand, I would classify Worldcall's EVDO as best because it is the best for me (may not be for many others for reasons mentioned above e.g. distance of bts/ap, users connected, etc.)

For wired connections, I have been very unlucky which I will mention later but I prefer wired connection to mainly two reasons - 1) it gives you best performance and 2) they are cheap e.g. in the same price I am paying for 256kbps EVDO I can easily get 1 MB DSL.

Now I have also been a victim of PTCL's DSL - I have two land lines, one gets down (or stops working) whenever a single rain of drops lands on DP box or if nothing happens it starts to catch earth or otherwise adds some noise inline creating severe performance problems. Then one of my lines went down only to get fixed after 6 to 8 months (during this time I got myself new land line connection which acts as secondary connection) but after recent rains, the old number is again dead while new number is having too much noise that even a calling person can't hear my voice so forget about net. Secondly, your distance from exchange also adds a performance lag. The points are, these factors significantly affect your Internet experience.

If you do not face such problem or are not very distant from your exchange, then I would recommend wired connection mainly people suggest PTCL but you should research on your own as to the fact that which ISP is working best in your area.

Hope it helps!

I too had decided in the past to use PTCL broadband along with Wateen because of the latter's stupid download cap and to download torrents, but, turned out to be my biggest mistake ever..... it hardly worked for 4 days

Wateen,guys keep yourselves away from it.

I have three connections :

Best : Ptcl

No Bad : Wateen ( only talking of their uptime speed etc, ignoring their billing crap and some other craps for now)

Bad : WorldCall ( only use it when other two are down together, which rarely happens :) )

Wateen sucks balls

WC EVDO ROCKS here in N.nazimabd and sucks bad in Defence Phase 5

Depends on what is important to you: If you want the best value for your money, it will inevitably be PTCL, however if and when something goes awry be prepared for an agonizingly arcane experience. If up-time, customer service and all-round good quality is what you are looking for, Maxcom is your best bet. Forget Wateen, Worldcall and the others. Their technology is basically based on terrible infrastructure (cable lines, WiMax, CDMA) which have all sorts of issues when it comes to practical implementation here....

Whatever you do, be sure to go with DSL whenever wherever possible.

Wateen is just a crap, their signal strength is too low at periphery.. wi-tribe wifi stuff is working gr8 as i heard.. area: clifton

Maxcom FTW!!!!


Best so far: MaxCom

Best: PTCL FTW!!

Worst: Worst Call !! :P

Hi guyz, my problem is I live in mosamiat [sUPARCO] area that is past Karachi Univversity PTCL official who comes here to rectify phone-related problems advised us not to take the PTCL land line broadband as there is no fibre optic available in our area so infrastructure wise its bad choice regarding wireless PTCL he says this also doesnt function properly so with regards to access point which broadband provider can provide the best service adjacent to Karachi University.

I use PTCL EVDO near Karachi University and I get full signals!