Terrorism News/Incidents in Pakistan

Due to the persistent terrorism incidents in the country, this thread has been created for discussion(s).

While we are strictly a tech forum, we cannot ignore the events happening to us or around us and it obviously will affect the discussions here. However, keep the forum rules in mind, do not post knee jerk responses and think and act rationally.

This thread will be used for the following:

1 - Terrorism incident reports and awareness,

2 - Terrorism news relating to incidents (past and/or present) or victims,

3 - Condolences for victims and their families.

Please do not make any other thread for terrorism related incidents.

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Rawalpindi Blast @ 10:39AM: http://geo.tv/11-2-2009/52234.htm

Good thinking!!!

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Good thinking!!!

good point

^ Guys, lets just not derail the thread.

Blast at Bund Raod Babu Sabu Lahore in a Suzuki Mehran during Checking at Police Check Post!

20 Injured.

Suicide Blast @ Police check-post near Babu Sabir Interchange, Lahore: http://www.geo.tv/11-2-2009/52263.htm

One policeman martyred.

1 traffic warden and two policemen are critically injured. 4 ordinary people on road are injured but they are out of danger.

The place where these two suicidal attackers blew their cars was Babu Sahbu Interchange, Lahore.

Yet no one is dead. Prayers for all those affected. No terrorists have disappeared from the spot.

Good News is that they didn't succeed to enter the city, otherwise it could have been more devistating.

According to CCPO Lahore.

Most of People were drawing Salaries from ATM of National Bank and majority of People belonged to Army as well as Ministry of Defence! Childeren and Women also died in this incident! May Allah Bless all of them! Aameen!



Several hurt in Peshawar blast

Updated at: 0948 PST, Sunday, November 08, 2009

PESHAWAR: Several people are reported hurt in a blast in Adizai area of Matni in Peshawar, Geo News reported Sunday.

The blast occurred in livestock market in Adizai where Nazim Adizai Abdul Malik is among the injured.

The injured have been rushed to Lady Reading Hospital.

Is it necessary that a bomb must blast within a week in Pakistan. :(

Atleast there is a decrease, unlike the last two weeks. Thank Allah if there is no death!

Life goes on which shows people ain't afraid of these villians.

Car bomb blast at Charsada's Farooq Azam chowk: http://geo.tv/11-10-2009/52695.htm

Initial estimates are 15 deaths. :(

Another Car Bomb Blast in Peshawar Cantt. Area near ISI Office costing the lives of 8 peoles and more than 30 injured...! :(

Bomb Blast in Bannu too...! 2 Blasts in the Holly Day of Friday...! Very Sad...! :( :(

A suicide car bomber has attacked a police checkpoint in the north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar, killing at least 10 people


^Dude, kind request, seeing this thread as active already makes one prepare for the worst, so please all (myself included) do only post terrorism incidents. No offense to anyone in person, just my wish.....

Two Bomb blasts in a Rawalpindi Mosque!!! :(

35 killed and 80 hurt in Rawalpindi Mosque attack