Tere Bin Laden

has anyone watched this movie trailers looks really cool and funny i hope it would be a big hit




i have da same feelings about this movie..

When is it getting released?

I think it wont be a big hit... we Pakistanis are just interested in it due to Ali Zafar's as a leading role.... on the other hand Bollywood gets at least one movie release of these caliber every day or so..

This better be good to stand out amongst the others...

Ali Zafar + comedy = Fail !

Crap... got even more crappier

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Ali Zafar + comedy = Fail !

Just like he tried to spoil the college jeans!

Looks interesting, its Indian right ?

^ yea

i knew it would happen tere bin laden got BANNED in cinemas in Pakistan

already ??? Why? Source?


Ali Zafar's Indian film 'Tere Bin Laden' banned in Pakistan

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

News Desk

ISLAMABAD: The exhibition of the Indian film 'Tere Bin Laden' has been banned in the picture houses of Pakistan because of the fear of terrorists' attack.

It is the first appearance of model and singer Ali Zafar in any Indian film. The full board of the Film Censor Board gave this decision on Tuesday as the film 'Tere Bin Laden' is being released the world over on Friday next.

Ali Zafar who is in Mumbai has expressed disappointments over the decision. He has appealed to the concerned authorities to review the decision, as there is nothing controversial in the film.

It's just a comedy accomplished with the cooperation of Salman Khan and Karan Johar, he said. When approached, the Vice Chairman, Film Censor Board Masood Elahi said there was no justification to release the film in Pakistan under present circumstances. However the federal secretary is authorized to allow the exhibition under special powers bestowed on him, Elahi said.

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The censorship board refused to give a clearance certificate to Abhishek Sharma’s latest comedy film Tere Bin Laden.

The film was to be screened in Pakistan on the 16th of July, but the censor board banned its screening due to security reasons.

The full panel of the censor board watched the film and raised the objection that the film has Osama Bin Laden as a central character, so it cannot be presented in cinemas. The film stars Pakistani singer Ali Zafar, who is playing the role of a journalist desperate to migrate to the US.


Source: http://tribune.com.pk/story/27748/tere-bin-laden-fails-censorship-test/

I have just seen some trailers on our local channels, and I

am pretty disgusted and disappointed that one of our own,

a Pakistani, would be involved in such a malicious project.

Indians have cleverly tried to associate OBL and Talibans,

through the film media (comedy at that), to Pakistan and

Pakistanis. Sadly, most people are not savvy enough to

consciously see and disassociate the link and just like mind-

less drones, eat it up. Plan accomplished.

I am not a big Mullah or OBL fan, but I object to the comical

characterization of our religious figure heads and icons, and

the way Bollywood has, of late, chosen to handle Islam. It is

insidious satire and mockery, presenting adherents of this

religion as crazed, comical and impotent. It's probably how

the hindus in india would like to see us.

After his music peaked, Ali Zafar has largely been selling himself

for money to this outfit and that. But prostituting yourself out

for the indians, so that they can mock your religion... is just too

sordid. He is not a total retard, so he can't say he didn't know

what they made him do.

Film should not only be banned, but folks should pelt him with

ganday anday, instead of fawning all over him because he did

a Bollywood flick, like Geo did.




Sheikh 'I Yam What I Yam' Chilli

sheikh_chilli..... lighten up dude........it is just a movie and a funny attempt at that....learn to laugh at yourself....suggest see the movie first (which i myself have not) before casting any doubts or 'holier-then-thou' aspirations....just CHILL... :)

So far the only knowledge i have about the movie is probably the same as yours....but i think it just might be funny....we seriously need to lighten up as a nation....and get our heads out of 'conspiracy theories' BS.

Sometimes, when it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and quacks like a duck...it really is a ........

Read the review here

It is pure non-stop entertainment and I am sure Ali Zafar will now take bollywood by storm...quoting this from that site...

'Casting new, confident and most importantly, talented actors gives the film the right push. Ali Zafar is a star, no two opinions on that. The youngster is a package of good looks, super talent and the right screen presence. He charms his way into your heart with a super-confident performance and I strongly feel that there's no stopping him after this film. In fact, TERE BIN LADEN heralds the arrival of a new star in Bollywood.'

Shouldn't we be happy???? :|

After this controversy has already been started and is in the news currently. I would also favor it because what ever the film shows, it would be danger for the public.

Here, I would strongly say that if any miss-happen would occur, There is big a possibility that it would not be caused only by Al-Qaida. Many other bad people could use this extreme situation to plan a damage because it will surely be named to Al-Qaida, no matter who does it.

I'd also like to mention what I think is, Ali Zafar should have thought a thousands of times before doing this film. He has put himself in a full focus. The same thing I would say for him that if he gets hurt in any way it would be named to Al-Qaida ofcourse. So in my view, he can be hurt by any other mean more than the Al-Qaida itself.



For the people who think it's just a film and nothing else. I would like to add that, the thing is not like film is funny or what ever it is. The thing is what a controversy about the film could cause damage to the public. I can believe that the Film has nothing serious to be damaging but it's the people who extract reasons for being bad. And on the top of that there is already a lot people finding reasons to damage the country and its residents.

I am afraid that more than Al-Qaida, there would some one else be there eagerly looking for it to happen.

It could be funny for you but it could be disaster for some one others.

I don't know about the film what it is all about, however I would seriously like to watch it. But I'll not like it to be released in theaters..

...... Not only you.. I hate terrorists too ...... don't say that I am favoring or hating Al-Qaida or any named team...

.........................I used the word Terrorist, who actually terrors.

"Conspiracy theory" ?. :) There is no conspiracy here. The way

indian movies depict Muslims and Pakistan is in-your-face pro-

paganda and I can't believe that any self-respecting individual

would pay good money to watch himself, his family, his country

and his faith be disparaged wholesale. In America, many a career

of big stars have ended, overnight, when they crossed the line

of good taste, let alone treachery on this scale, when bodies

are falling across the LoC every day.

Pakistanis are paying indians across the border to call them "rats",

"dogs" and now "terrorists". It's not their conspiracy. It's our lunacy.

I am happy for Ali Zafar, sure. I am even happier for the indians

who were able to hire a Pakistani "star" for this inside job. Hooray!

But that's just my humble opinion. And if you must watch this thing,

kindly don't pay anyone for it.




Sheikh 'Et Tu...' Chilli

"I am not a big Mullah or OBL fan, but I object to the comical

characterization of our religious figure heads and icons"

which figureheads and icons did they make fun of in the movie?

btw. Giving the reason that 'OBL is in it, that is why we banned it' is probably the weakest excuse ever. Whats next? Govt banning western news channels because they show negative image of OBL and they are afraid of getting PEMRA offices bombed?

I am with Shiekh Chilli on this one, seeing that I do not discriminate between Indian films. Instead, I classify all Indian films and TV as utter unwatchable crap.... which it really is, no two words about it.

Good posts, Shiekh Chilli!