Tenda Wifi Speed Problem on PTCL DSL

Hello All,

Yesterday i bought Tenda wireless router w302r. I wana connect internet on my Laptop and mobile phone via wi-fi. I got a speed problem while using tenda wi-fi. router. My tests are blow :

1. While connect tenda router using wire then internet speed is fine. No issues No breakages. Youtube works fine without stay for buffering.

2. While connect tenda router using wi-fi then speed downs and come upto 1/3 of orignal speed, low speed even browsing page are very very slow. No video , No rich media

My Specs:

Laptop HP Probook core i3 with window 7.

Internet: PTCL DSL 1MB.

Can any body share his/her experience with me or suggest me what to do ?

make sure you have the dns properly configured in your Tenda wifi router the dns are

primary dns :

secondary dns :

that may solve it